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But everyone calls me KAYA

I'm your makeup artist and brow specialist and the hair replacement assistant!

Ever since i was a little girl, I always accompanied my mum (Tina)  to the salon where I saw her magic. Having grown up in Dubai, the beauty industry was always glamorized and I was sucked in at a very young age. I thought it was amazing how hair stylists and makeup artists have the power to transform women and help them look and feel beautiful.

I was around 8 when I realized I wanted to follow my mums foot steps and that's where my passion had began. 

at the age of 14.  I started messing around with my mums make up and thus became a self thought make up artist at very young age. I got certified from  many leading make up artistry academy's  and started my journey as a make up artist after high school.

I was introduced to hair replacement when my mum opened up her business here in the states. After helping her with one client, I was hooked. I felt good knowing my mother and I can work together side by side and give someone else  the confident that they never  thought they would have  and also making them feel beautiful and special .To others it might be just hair, but to me I felt like every client become family and we build this amazing relationship. It was refreshing knowing I wasn't the only one dealing with hair loss due to my auto immune dieses.

Today I accompany my mum  to every training  and conferences for hair replacement to keep up with this demanding industry.

I'm very fond of art and I feel that's why makeup means a lot to me. If I'm not in the salon giving someone a glam look or helping my mum in the salon, You'd find me at Starbucks sipping on my ice coffee with my sister or cuddling with MOLLY my cat.

Click here  to book an appointment with me for your make up  looks or to design your  brows.

Email me at  if you have any questions


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Kaya The Makeup Artist
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